The Emergence of Peerist Synergism

There are any number of areas where emergence is occurring such as in nanotechnology, micromanufacturing,  economics, politics, and thus the term emergence takes on near metaphysical force, though I do not intend something on the order of the dialectical materialism which Bertrand Russell put to rest in his essay by the same name.

Here I want to add that I think what is emerging in the current or near future time, which is a peerist synergism which comes right out of P2P and the hackers of the 1980s and 1990s, and the tremendous development in information-communication technologies and then the 3D printers which were proprietary at the time. The astounding achievement of hacker communities was to make horizontal knowledge systems emergent due to connectivity, open design, open hardware and on up to the present more sophisticated forms such as Arduino, the Maker Movement, Occupy, and Wikispeed.

These were peerist systems almost completely outside of the official system and have developed to include three major points: free association or the honor of human liberty, peer review which maintains excellence, and commons-based peer production particularly in micromanufacturing, design, knowledge, and code.


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