The world’s first micro insurance fund: get beyond the division between money and meaning

“You should care about profit if you want to end poverty. Impact investing allows us to be whole people…we can get beyond the division between money and meaning and pursue both simultaneously.”

SOC-ENT Challenge: An opportunity for aspiring social entrepreneurs

UNICEF Innovation, global product strategy and design firm frog, and technology leader ARM Holdings have partnered together to launch the Wearables for Good challenge. Accompanied by a Use Case Handbook created by UNICEF and frog, the challenge invites the global design, technology, business and social communities to identify and develop solutions for areas where wearable devices can generate tremendous social good.

The challenge will run over six months, with winners receiving a cash and idea incubation prize package to be supplied by the three challenge partners (UNICEF, ARM and frog), plus incremental incubation prizes from contributing partners who will be engaged over the coming months.

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Introducing the Purpose Economy

A new type of economy that emphasizes doing business with purpose is emerging. It’s called the Purpose Economy. The Purpose Economy prioritizes society, the environment, relationships, personal growth, and the environment.

This new economy emphazises the importance of working with purpose, not only profit, to create a more social and environmental way of doing business.

The move to the Purpose Economy is underway. Reaching it can be hard. Make Meaning exists to help individuals and businesses navigate and adapt to this emerging way of doing business.

Make Meaning is a new generation consulting firm specializing in creating meaning and value from a changing economy.